How to Throw a Friendsgiving


Thanksgiving isn’t just for celebrating family, it’s also a great time to celebrate everyone else you’re thankful for. This is where Friendsgiving comes in. Whether some people won’t be making it to a Thanksgiving with their loved ones this year, or you just want to have some fun before the family festivities, a Friendsgiving is meant to be a time to kick back and enjoy your favorite people without the pressure of the holidays. All it takes to throw a killer party is a little bit of preparation and some teamwork. Here are some tips to make the party planning a breeze. 

Pre-Party Planning:

In order to make the day of your Friendsgiving as stress-free as possible, there are a few things that should be planned in advance:

  • Send out invitations to ensure you have enough space for your guests, if you will have more people than your home can handle, consider looking for an affordable event space 

  • Create a Google Doc of the dishes that your guests can bring and have everyone sign up to bring something to avoid an overwhelming amount of green bean casserole (Don’t forget to include wine and cocktails on this list.)

  • Put someone on playlist duty or even create a shared playlist on Spotify that multiple guests can contribute to 

  • Make sure you grab all silverware, plates, paper towels, etc ahead of time to minimize running errands the day of the party 

The Day Of:

With all of the planning you did, you should be all set for a stress-free celebration, but there are a few things you can do the day of the party to ensure happy guests. 

  • Make some small appetizers your guests can enjoy while the main course is cooking 

  • Provide a couple bottles of wine or make some cocktails to get the party going 

  • Enlist a few friends to help you clean up after the party 

  • Have fun! 

Don’t let the stress of planning prevent you from having a memorable Friendsgiving. By following our tips above you can host a gathering your friends will look forward to every year.