The Benefits of Holding Your Meeting Offsite

Offsite Meeting Space

Every day in the United States an average of 11 million meetings take place. However, “finding a place to meet” is one of the biggest time wasters, with 70% of employees reporting that they lose up to 15 minutes per day looking for a place to collaborate with colleagues. But all this can be avoided by simply holding your meeting offsite. Here’s how offsite meetings can increase productivity, encourage creativity and boost camaraderie.

Increase productivity

A change of space is a natural creativity booster and can help you and your team happier and more productive. Research has found that when employees are asked to calculate time lost to interruptions, they routinely come up with 40%-60% of their most productive time. Getting out of the office or even your home office (if you’re a remote worker or solopreneur) and into a different environment keeps distractions at bay and keeps you and your team focused. An offsite meeting offers a more relaxed environment - free from the noise, business and distraction of your everyday office or your home office.

Encourage creativity

Creativity is a commodity. You want a quick way to kill creativity? Do the same thing in the same space every day. Without a change of venue, the mind can easily fall into unbreakable patterns that can severely cripple creativity. A change of scenery may be just what you need to spark some innovation or a creative solution to a current problem. A new place can help you see things in a different light and really get your creative juices flowing. 

Boost camaraderie

If you want your employees to be engaged in your meetings, and want them to actually collaborate, getting them all together in one location is imperative. Taking your team offsite can help set a new environment where people may feel more comfortable sharing and collaborating. If you’re currently a one-person-team, getting out of that coffee shop or home office and into a new space full of fellow professionals, can not only break up your day, but also help you get some solid networking in to help build your connections. Employees with greater opportunity for professional collaboration will feel more connected to their team members, have a sense of shared purpose and trust in each other and may even learn new approaches to certain tasks from their peers.

Meeting offsite undeniably holds numerous benefits to both employee and employer. homiey would love to host your next offsite in our meeting room or event space - contact us today to get started!